Our Vineyards

Ideally positioned on our beautiful farm in the north east of Coonawarra, our two small vineyards - just 5 hectares of shiraz, and 7 hectares of cabernet sauvignon sit happily on north and south facing slopes.  We are unique in many respects - not least for farming hills in Coonawarra (a very rare sight indeed) but also for growing our grapes biologically.

Biological farming is all about working with nature - recognising and celebrating the soil for the living wonder that it is.  We ensure that all of our viticultural practices create, enhance and encourage a plethora of beneficial bugs to help us in our quest to grow magnificently balanced vines and fruit.


Coonawarra is situated half-way between Melbourne (450km) and Adelaide (380km). It’s famous for its "terra rossa" red soil - and shallow limestone ridges which are perfect for producing world-class wines, in particular Cabernet Sauvignon.

Coonawarra's climate is similar to Bordeaux in France, also famous for Cabernet Sauvignon. The vines of Coonawarra are assured a long, cool ripening period which builds the intensity of flavours in the grape.

Mount Gambier

A number of our wines are grown in Mount Gambier. Mount Gambier is just 65km down the road from Coonawarra. It has magnificent volcanic soils and a cool climate – which makes it perfect for growing white wine varieties.